Kong Teaser Springz


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KONG Teaser Springz Catnip Interactive Wand Toy For Cats Bounces Around Erratically To Encourage Active Play
  • This fun toy features a fluffy monster attached to a long elastic cord and glittery wand
  • The monster’s dangly legs are made of coiled elastic and stretch up to 80cm in length!!
  • Cats adore a range of textures and sounds, and this toy will not disappoint!
  • The monster’s head and feet are covered in fluffy polyester material for sensory stimulation
  • His endearing facial features are embroidered to ensure safe play
  • There is crackly material hidden inside his head to heighten your cat’s curiosity and keep them engaged in play
  • The coiled legs are made of extra-stretchy elastic material and will drive all cats wild!
  • The spiralled legs stretch out when your cat captures the monster, however, they return back to their original shape quickly
  • There is a thin elastic cord that connects the monster to the wand – its extreme stretchiness creates an unpredictable bouncing movement as you dangle the monster in front of your cat
  • The wand is made of durable plastic and gives you control over where you dangle the toy
  • The toy encourages pouncing, swatting, batting, and chasing entertainment!
  • The monster’s dangly legs act as the ‘prey’ and entices your cat to play  
  • Promotes both mental and physical stimulation and satisfies your cat’s natural instincts
  • Allows you to engage in interactive play with your cat and develop a stronger bonder between one other