ARTERO NC Rotating Pin Undercoat Rake


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Artero's dog undercoat, shedding rake is ideal for removing shedding coat. In addition, it helps to eliminate hair tangles, untangling them thanks to its practical shape.

It is made of top quality materials, such as highly durable ecological bamboo.
It has a T-shape and rotating spikes that help a better hairstyle by sliding easily through the hair.
Ideal for removing hair tangles.
With a recyclable cardboard packaging.

How to use the dog rake
It is recommended to use this dog and cat coat comb as follows:

First brush the dog or cat with the rake. Be sure to brush the coat in the same direction that it grows. This means that you must go from head to tail, and do it with short strokes. Start at the top of the dog and work your way to the back. Occasionally empty the tines by hand as hair begins to accumulate.

Placing the cat or dog in the sink or bathtub. Then start saturating the coat with warm water, avoiding areas like the ears or eyes. Next, use the rake to brush the pet's coat. This will soften the hair and remove any tangles that may still be present.

Allow the dog's skin to dry naturally. Once the dog is completely dry, brush the coat with the rake once more. This will help remove any loose fur that is still left. Finish by brushing the dog with a brush to remove any remaining hair and smooth the coat.