ARMORALL Leather Care Wipes


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Preserve your leather car seats with Armor All Leather Care Wipes. These Armor All wipes clean, condition and protect leather in a single pass. The leather cleaner reaches into the grain, lifting dirt and soil. Then leather conditioner enhances the grain’s natural beauty and supple feel. Finally, the leather wipes leave behind a protectant with blocking agents to shield against spills, stains, cracking, fading, discoloration and premature aging. Renew the luxurious look of your leather seats, paneling and dashboard with a leather cleaner formulated in a convenient wipe.

  • One 30 count canister of Armor All Leather Care Wipes
  • Convenient, disposable car wipes formulated for leather care
  • Cleansing agents reach into the leather's grain to remove dirt
  • Conditioners enhance leather’s natural beauty and renew its supple feel
  • Blocking agents protect against spills, cracking, fading and discoloration