KONG Cat Flingaroo Frog


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KONG Flingaroo Frog Catnip Crackle Toy For Cats Is Great For Pouncing Batting And Hunting Play
  • This playful frog is packed with exciting features and is ready for play with your feline friend
  • The bright colours, fun crackle sounds, enticing catnip, elastic tongue, and pom-pom will keep your kitty entertained all day long
  • The frog is filled with KONG Premium North American catnip to stimulate your cat’s senses
  • The crinkly pom-pom is attached to a long elastic tongue, after all… what cat doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ string to bat around
  • Lightweight for easy tossing around the home for your cat to chase
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation to keep your cat happy and healthy
  • The frog is the ideal size for chasing, hunting, batting, and pouncing games
  • The soft and snuggly toy also acts as a comforting friend for quiet time