Black Dog Wear Pick Up Bags Biodegradable 3 PK


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Totally Compostable / Biodegradable bags for responsible dog handlers - Not only are these handy for picking up dog waste, but they are an environentally sustainable option because they will fully biodegrade in a compost. 

These are not like some marketed "biodegradeable" bags which are actually made from a petrochemical base with an additive to break into smaller sections under light- the smaller plastic particles are actually more easily ingested by, and potentially more harmfull, to animals in the wild. 

Our Poo Pick-Up Bags are corn starch based and fully compost to natural soil, they are certified compostable and biodegradable under Australian Standard AS 4736-2006.

Each pack contains 3 Rolls, a total of 45 Pick-Up Bags.  The roll will fit most standard Pick-Up bag carriers, including Black Dog's Lead Pouch, or the front of our Treat Pouches or Treat Totes.