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Made specifically for those puppers under 2 years of age, the Vets All Natural Complete Mix – Puppy is the perfect formula to let them grow and thrive! Protein, nutrients and vitamins are extremely important for proper growth which why this particular formula contains a bit of extra calcium, kelp, barley grass, lecithin and vitamin C to ensure your puppy grows up to become a healthy, active and shining tail-wagger.

Perfectly impersonating the gut environment of their prey out in the wild, the mix is a perfectly balanced nutritional advantage. The ingredients are uncooked and raw, the exact way canines are meant to ingest plants and vegetables in order to maintain their skin and coat, teeth, stomach, intestines and enzymatic environment whilst avoiding modern diseases easily susceptible by canines. What's more – by simply blending in some raw meat you can make this a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet, an economical meal without losing any quality.

The most important guideline to follow when using this product is the measurement of proportion during meal preparation! Ensure to follow along the line of your puppy's weight and adjust as they grow week after week.